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Between life and death

el Lun Nov 19, 2018 7:33 pm
I could not breathe. I remember the moment in which it happened: I was going to be on the road in the woods in search of some firewood for the night, which is expected very cold. My little lamp had little fuse left, I did not remember to recharge it and carry out spare parts. In the middle of the road, I decided to stop and rest to give Rayo a drink, my donkey. When I got off the donkey, the lantern went out. Since that path was quite familiar to me, I decided to continue in the dark, guiding myself with Rayo, my intuition and knowing that he had better night vision than we humans.

Suddenly, I saw in the distance how two individuals (I sensed that they were people seeing the bright lights of the lanterns), approached at an accelerated rate. Every time I saw them closer. And closer. I decided to tie the donkey and climb as fast as I could a tree. It cost me. And I sat on a branch, resting my back on the central trunk and holding my position upright, in silence. I could not move, not even breathe. Those two figures were very close to the site.

                    - Well, it's fine. Go up to the tree you or me? - said one of the men under the tree.
                    - I don’t care but we have to finish soon! - replied the second

In that moment I felt how my body was coming down. I was paralyzed for a moment. Who were they, and what did they want from me? In that moment, I decided to arm myself with courage and to get a voice from my shaking mouth.

                   - Don't  worry, I'll go down - I said quips.

At that moment, my ideas got down: the two men threw their lanterns and, in the middle of the night, ran away, fled. I was surprised and, faced with the fear that they might return or rob me, I decided to spend the night below the tree. The dream took hold of me and I think I remember that in not much time I was asleep.

It dawned and again, fear seized me. At that time, I could build a hypothesis or idea of what happened. In the branch opposite to which I was, I could see the body of a hanged man who, from the aspect of the body, did not seem to have been suspended for a long time from a thick rope of hard cotton.
I assumed that these men would go to pick up and bury the body of the individual, because when they came down from the tree, on the ground, next to the lanterns that they threw before running away, I saw shovels and a razor. And yet, his plans were cut short when he heard my voice: they thought they heard the voice of that body, not that of a simple man who was only going to look for firewood.
I never heard of these men again, or of the story behind the hanged man, or who he was. The only thing I know is that, despite the fear, I can laugh when I remember what happened. For a moment, I could be alive and dead at the same time.
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