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Stop Vexing Me

el Mar Nov 20, 2018 11:12 am
He tricked me and got me entangled in his lies. He left me in the street in the cold dark night with no regrets and I was furious. He’s gone with his friends to the castle at the top of the mountain trying to recreate what we watched 20 minutes ago. Nevermind, I start my way back home. I cross the pedestrian crossing where they have left me and I walk through a lonely street which my mama told me not to walk alone at night. It’s too late mommy but I’ll be home in 6 minutes if nothing happens. I do not walk on the sidewalk because it is a street little traveled by cars so I walk on the road.
At the beginning of the street I see a black cat sitting on the walkside three meters far away from me but she is quiet. It seems nothing frightens her until I call her with a weak and short whistle. Immediately, she sits up and she waits another signal. When I arrive where she is, she starts to walk by my side one meter away from me and she never loses sight of me even though she looks once in a while at the front so the road is free of obstacles. I don’t understand what is happening and she starts to meowing louder and looking at me and looking at the road. She doesn’t want to miss me and my heart starts to raise. I don’t want her anymore “why is she so interested in me?”. I feel the evil of the cat or maybe it just suggestion of what I have watched 20 minutes ago. I can’t bear it any longer thus I scream at the beautiful black cat “Get out of here!”. She looks at me and she stops her way next to me. She sits and I continue my strange way home. I turn around and she is still there staring at me while I’m leaving her alone. After all this situation I ran until I get home. Finally, I’m safe and sound.

Aida Ruiz
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