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A better world

el Mar Nov 20, 2018 11:14 am
-The earth, December 25 of the year 2035.

Because of atmospheric pollution, the poles have melted, the lowlands have been absorbed by the waters of the seas. Consequently, almost all farmland has been lost, food is scarce, viruses and diseases have begun to spread, humans have to live in marine cities and many wars have already been unleashed to dominate the few lands that remain habitable.

My name is Jorge, I am 38 years old and I am a ONU researcher. I travel all over the planet studying the possible solution to this great problem. The petrol no longer exists and we had to resort to alternative energies. I am on a boat celebrating Christmas and studying this matter a little because it is more important than celebrating this holiday, because if we do not solve this problem, the land will disappear, and if it disappears it will be a great catastrophe.

The ship in which we travel is a large research laboratory. We work with doctors, scientists and many professionals. The authorities have informed us that we are in danger: there are small earthquakes under the sea, it rains a lot and our reserves are depleted. I am afraid that this will end and we will cease to exist without finding a solution.

The ship begins to shake, the light goes out and turns on and we all fear the worst. The boat starts to move a lot. In the distance a giant wave comes towards us. This is the end.

A helicopter comes to save us, but all investigations go to the bottom of the sea. I and my teammates have climbed into the helicopter. From above, we hardly see how the ship sinks, it rains a lot and we have moved away to the mainland, where the people who survive need our help.

With the few resources we have, we have to survive in a world that we have destroyed little by little and now there is no going back. Atmospheric pollution kills us slowly: children, the elderly, parents, mothers, animals and plants die.

I would like to celebrate 10 more years, but there is no solution.

If this does not change, the end of the world is near and, if someone survives, I do not know how he will do it because I will not see him. But we must continue fighting.

My friend Marc, the team doctor, calls me because he has discovered a new remedy against the virus that I have. Now starts a new hope for many people, but  Marc wants to inject me a remedy that will never take effect, because every day I will be worse.

Time passes and my strength weakens.

We are all in time to save what little we have left and build a new better world, where the future is clean, plants grow free and animals run free in the forests.

So I say goodbye to all of you, of humanity and the world, in my last moments of life. I have a virus and I haven’t enough time left, so I hope we can all have a better world.

-The earth, December 25, 2007.

My name is Jorge, I am 10 years old and I just wrote this story. I hope this never happens so we can stop climate change so that we can all live many more years in this beautiful planet that we call land and it is our home.

Jorge Esteban Martínez
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