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The magic tent

el Mar Nov 20, 2018 1:16 pm
- Come on! – The teacher yells – Put your jackets on and go to the hall! The night activity it’s about to start!
I don’t like night activities very much, but I know that I’ll have fun with my mates and teachers. Moreover, we can’t go to sleep alone, so I don’t have another choice. All my friends are so excited; they have been waiting all the day for this moment.
- My torch doesn't works; I think the battery is exhausted. Lola, can you share yours with me? – says Max.
- Oh, sure Max! – I answer him. - Better for me, I won’t be alone if I have to share the torch with Max. – I think.
The monitors meet us at the garden in front of the house, which is the point of meeting to start each activity. We sit on the floor in a circle. It’s cold, and I’m a little nervous. I don’t like the night activities. I don’t understand how all my mates are so excited and playing with their torches. But, well, I sat down next to Martha. Being near of the teacher makes me feel safer.
- Have you dinner well? Tonight we all have a mission – says Lydia, the monitor. – You know that our sheep have become ill because of a virus that has reached our farm through the water they have to drink, so…
While Lydia continues explaining the mission we have for tonight, suddenly a light catches my attention. I move a little and I get even closer to the teacher.

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