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The boy who did not want to be a boy.

el Mar Nov 20, 2018 5:10 pm
Episode 0
Once upon a time, in a very close city, a tall, handsome and very gallant man. Someone similar to the fairy-tale princes we all know, but his day to day was very different from life in this kind of story. Every day, when the sun came up, he went to work and although he was very focused on his work, he wanted to find love. In the same city lived Maria, an independent woman, beautiful and very sweet, and unlike the fairy princesses was a hard-working girl.
And of course, as in all stories we have the two necessary ingredients for love to arise between them.
And so it was, they met, they fell in love and after this as fruit of their love, Daniel was born, a child who had everything any child could want: the love of his family, a great house, a pet with which be able to play, all the toys you will want ... In short everything you need to be happy.
Little by little, Daniel grew and grew older, but as much as his wishes were always fulfilled, he was not happy. Sometimes, he did not understand himself too well and he and his parents used to have some arguments because he felt misunderstood. He did not feel good about himself, he felt that he did not fit into society. Can you imagine what could happen to Daniel? We will accompany you on one of the days that would change the rest of your life forever.
Episode 1
Daniel was in school during the English language course. Today of homework they had to write an essay about things they like about the carnival since the party was approaching. This was good news, since Daniel loves carnival and dressing in any way without being judged or watched with strange faces.
While Daniel was thinking about how great this year would be the carnival party, the teacher named Marina and was really kind to Daniel and very dear to all the school kids asked him to come to the blackboard: Daniel, it's your Turn, tell us why you like Carnival and what it means to you.
Daniel went to the board and read his writing aloud: For me, the carnival is the best party we celebrate at school and we celebrate a lot of fun parties. Everyone dresses up and in the afternoon, there's a party where we eat and dance with our parents, friends and teachers, it's a completely different day from the rest of the year. It is a means of expression in which all children enjoy, and also when we have the opportunity to disguise what we like each one is even better because we can know ourselves much better ourselves, but I'm happy to bring a disguise of animal and have a good time with the rest of his classmates.
The teacher admired his speech: It's okay Daniel, I'm glad you have that idea of the carnival, but remember that the theme of this year's carnival is 101 Dalmatians.
Daniel nodded but that disguise had not convinced him at all...
The teacher finished the classes, saying: Boys, see you tomorrow, do not forget to bring the costume in your backpacks. We will all eat in the school dining room, and in the afternoon we will start the costume party with the games. See you tomorrow!!
Thus, the doorbell rang and Daniel went home with a smile on his face but at the same time, thinking about whether he would be dressed in a Dalmatian more or make a difference.


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Mensajes : 2
Fecha de inscripción : 20/11/2018
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el Jue Nov 29, 2018 6:47 pm
Episode 2
Already at home, Daniel is watching television absent thinking that he will not enjoy the carnival if he disguises himself as a Dalmatian and suddenly appears the speech of Javier Calvo on television that there will be about you have to be yourself and that no matter how different be your family and real friends will always be there and Daniel cannot help feeling identified.
At the end of the speech appear both the Heart and Daniel's Brain that seemed not to get along very well with each other and that were driving our protagonist crazy.
The Brain says: Daniel do not get carried away by what you just saw in this video, you just like I know that the right thing is what is established in society, feelings sometimes make us go down bad roads.
To which the heart replied: I totally disagree, Daniel, have you seen how good that boy feels in what he is saying? Always follow your feelings and show yourself how you are, and how you really feel happy.
Confused Daniel states that I do not know what to do and that a mess is made.
But the Brain offended by the replica of the Heart, says to this: Lord Heart, you do not know what you are talking about. He paints everything in a wonderful colour, but he must recognize that not everything is so easy. People sometimes, when they suffer the most, is when they let themselves be carried away by you and their feelings.
And the Heart does not allow this to be so, justifying: it is true, that sometimes people suffer because of me, but really the happiest moments I also give them, because when you do what you really feel, you can reach full happiness . The brain, however, plays tricks, creates distrust and insecurity that do not really exist in people.
Suddenly, a friend of Daniel called Violeta rings the bell, as they were left to have a snack and the heart and brain replicas disappear. Daniel opens to Violeta who wanted to snack on what Daniel had prepared with such esteem: homemade sponge cake he made with his mother's help and juices of many flavors. The two begin to have a snack and Violeta begins to talk about the day of the carnival: Have you already prepared the costume for tomorrow?
Daniel answers: Yes, but it is not what worries me the most at this moment.
Confused Violet asks: So what are you worried about?
Daniel is sincere with Violet: Let's see, I love the carnival, but the main reason is not the party, it's because I can go out to the street dressed really as I would like, without anyone being surprised or looking at me strange...
Violeta, even more confused, answers: How? I do not understand you? Would you like to be a Dalmatian?
Daniel keeps silent for a few seconds and answers with a sad face: No, the costume of tomorrow is Dalmatian, but to me really, I would like to be like you. Put on dresses, paint my nails, make different hairstyles in my hair, but everyone would seem a strange being.
Violeta encourages Daniel, saying: A strange being why? Everyone should do what they want while they feel good about themselves, so if you really feel good using a dress or painting your nails, do it. I will always support you because that's what friends are for.
Daniel hugged Violeta and thanked her for being such a good friend.
Episode 3
Maria, the mother of Daniel, lately is worried about him, I was afraid that the children are cruel to him or that he has some kind of problem, since these days he is missing him. Thus, the desperate mother goes to tutorship with the teacher Marina and is with a very kind treatment invites her to tell what worries about his son, Daniel's mother does not know how to explain the problem and tells the teacher who has asked for a tutoring because she saw Daniel a bit weird, for weeks now, but especially in the last days and he wants to know if his son is going through some kind of negative situation in the school.
The teacher in response to this concern, says: yes, I think I know what you mean ... Here in class I and the other teachers have observed that he is in his world most of the time, he does not pay attention.
Her mother is not surprised, she really expected this attitude and asked about the relationship with her classmates.
The teacher answers: well, it does not relate much to them. Except with Violet, which are nail and flesh. In fact, the other day there was a lot of commotion at recess because it had painted nails, but nothing ... These are children's things!
The mother came to reason: Yes, she's right. Well, I had just come for this, that I was worried. I cannot entertain myself anymore that Dani has stayed alone at home.
And both said goodbye, thanking each other for the help; one to help understand your child and another to help understand your students.
Episode 4
Daniel is on his way to school, wearing a dress. Daniel had dared to be who he wanted to be, even if it was only for a day but it brought his brain and his heart to argue heatedly again.
Heart cheered Daniel: Very good Daniel! I am very proud of you, today I have the beats through the clouds! It's a big step what you're doing today, focus on your happiness and do not listen to comments that do not matter.
While the brain was dying of shame: My mother, my mother, this cannot be happening!! I do not know how you dared to go out dressed like this on the street, we are still in time to return so you can change.
But Daniel, ignoring his brain for once, dared to say that he was not disguised, but that he was really comfortable. Heart could not help but get excited.
Upon reaching school, all eyes were fixed on Daniel but that was not going to discourage him until the teacher replied: Daniel, the costume is Dalmatian, and the party began in the afternoon.
But Daniel did not hesitate to answer: I'm not in disguise, I have my costume in my backpack, and I just wanted to wear these clothes today.
While in the manner of ambient music, phrases are heard in the classroom, such as: he has her nails painted, what he does!!!! Crazy, ladybug, you're not a girl! The teacher asked for silence and took Daniel to the door to speak more quietly.
Teacher asked for explanations: Tell me why you came dressed like this to class, and with painted nails
Daniel, angry, answered: And why cannot I dress like today? What's wrong with it?
The teacher still did not understand: You are a boy, and you have to dress like everyone else.
But Daniel insisted on entering class and talking with everyone else to explain what he feels and although at first the teacher was distant and did not think it was a good idea, little by little, Daniel managed to convince her and when entering the classroom the teacher He asked for silence and respect for what this boy wanted to say.
Daniel between tears of impotence, I said: Yesterday I was thinking about how I felt every day when I came to class, and finally I realized that I was not comfortable. I saw a video on television that made me think about my happiness, considering that it does not matter how we dress, or who we decided to fall in love with while not harming anyone. I felt so identified, that I told Violeta, and she told me to be happy, and that the people who really love me will always be with me. For that reason, I feel comfortable like that, and I wanted to share it with you, so that you really know me.
After listening to him, Violeta shouted: I will always support you Daniel, the important thing is inside. And little by little, the children were supporting him, making it clear that because he wants to dress like a girl, it is not different and he will not stop playing with the other children, since there are no games for boys or girls, but games and clothes they do not have sex
The teacher concluded, saying: It is not about that, there are no sissy or macho, each person is as he or she is, and everyone has the right to be as they want, there are simply people. I am very proud of you Daniel, you are an example to follow, and of all of you guys too, I want us to always show our support to Dani, and to anyone who needs it.
Finally, everyone embraced less a boy who had been distant but in the end he gets up and enjoys the hug with the rest of his classmates.

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