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STAR TRIP, the end of the Earth, by: Javier Díaz Fernández

el Miér Nov 21, 2018 12:45 am
We are located in the year 2049, where the Earth has suffered the damage caused by humans and it’s about to end. The radiation and pollution of the humans has has eliminated the ozone layer. The scientists only give five more years of life on the earth planet. The NASA is looking for new pilots to perform a tough mission, find another habitable planet outside our solar system, as it was found that no planet in our system is habitable, through the different black holes that work as connectors between a point of one solar system and another point of another solar system.

This is when our protagonist takes action in this story, Andrea, she is a mother of two children, Chloe and Hugo, that have no father, because he died in 2037 of a cancer due by the radiation of the earth. Furthermore she didn’t have work, she spent her time inventing gadgets or thinking about how to survive at the end of the earth with her loved ones. She was already well known in the scientific world for being a great inventor

One day, when she was walking around her house she discovered an old spaceship, and she had the bright idea of leaving the earth with her and taking her daughters. But obviously she should go to some planet because she could not get unlimited food on the ship ...
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