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Alex moves to the city

el Miér Nov 21, 2018 7:25 pm
Alex had lived in a Little village during his life. There, he was very happy: he played on the bank of the river with his friends, he cooked with his grandmother and he rided a long outing a  bicycle with his dad every Sunday.

One morning, his parents told him a horrible news. His dad had to go to work to the big city. The family had to leave the Little village and move to the big city. Alex would leave far his warm home, his marvelous school, his dear friends and his loved grandmother.

Alex felt very sad and melancholy in the city. When the first day of school arrived, Alex was a little nervous. In that school, he hadn´t got any  friends yet. Nobody played with Alex During the break. He felt very lonely. The morning ended and when alex came back home, he told her mum: -“I'm not going ever more to school!” “I hate it!”

That afternoon, Alex went to the park with her mother. Sure, there he enjoyed and forgot that horrible school day. While alex was playing, a little girl, who was familiar to him, approached: - “Hi! I´m Amy.” “I´m your classmate.” Alex was very surprised, but quickly, he invite her to play with him. Alex and Amy spent the afternoon playing together in the park. They had a great time!

The next morning, Alex went a bit restless to school, but he already had a new delighful friend called Amy. Alex and Amy sit together in class. During the break, Amy introduced all her friends to Alex.

When alex was coming back home, he told his mother: - “My school is the best school around the world!” “I love it!” That afternoon, in addition, alex received an exciting visit: his grandmother had come from the village to visit him.

Alex was happy, cheerful, jolly... that day was the best day of his life!
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