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Remember me

el Miér Nov 21, 2018 8:51 pm
Remember me

“Until always Lali…”

Laura woke up suddenly to hear that phrase, the same nightmare of each night. When she opened the eyes, she looked to her right to see her husband sleeping, Alex, one of the most important doctors in the city. It was very early but, but Laura decided to go to the rooms where her children, Sonia and Jaime were sleeping peacefully and Lara, the guardian dog. Laura seeing them was afraid of her new stage. Tomorrow they would move to their new home because Alex would start working at the new hospital in the north and she... What would she do with her life?

The next day, a normal day, Laura prepared breakfast for the family while Alex finished saving the last boxes in the car. When Laura picked up all, she looked at the whole house again because it would be the last time. They had been living for 5 years with good and bad times: First day of the children’s school, Lara’s arrival at the home, her mother’s death, her voluntary dismissal…She left a lot of things behind to decide about her future in her new house.

During the hours of the journey, Laura watched the streets, her first dance school, the park where they played, the school ... Everything was left behind until she saw the neighborhood of her new city. There were tall buildings, long streets, huge parks and many opportunities to find a job where I was really happy.

When they parked in the garage and Alex removed the poster “Of sold”, they entered their new home and to the surprise, they found a rare wooden box in the middle of the entrance…
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