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Spring Tale

el Miér Nov 21, 2018 9:20 pm
On a beautiful spring day Ana was at home too bored, she did not know what to do so she decided to go out for a walk in the countryside, along the path that she walked every day until she reached the tree that was in the open field behind her house. She was in the shade under it and she saw among the high grass there was a large stone with a peculiar red colour, after examining it for a while she decided to climb on top, when she managed to stand on the stone, Ana slipped, the stone moved and rolled downhill. When Ana got up, she saw that there was a paper in the place where the stone was placed.
Ana, who was a very curious girl, ran out to see what the paper was, when she opened it she saw something written and decided to read it, on the paper she said: “behind the container you will find a special path”. Ana quickly picked up everything and went in search of that road, after a long walk she finally found a small container covered with stones of the same red colour as the stone from which Ana had fallen. Ana leaned out from behind and saw a small perfect hole between all those branches with spikes, she was filled with courage and decided to enter. When she left that tunnel, she found a path that she had never seen before, although she had always played there. He began to walk and came to an old sign in the forest from which hung red stones like the ones he had seen before. In one of those strings of the sign there was another paper, so he ran to it to see what it contained, it read: “on the way you will find an object that is not here and at the end of the road you will have to take it”. Ana after reading the paper thought that it was very strange but she was an adventurous girl so she decided to continue and find that curious object. On the way she saw a strange black thing and decided to approach. Ana was surprised to find a car wheel on that beautiful path; it was an object that did not belong to that place so she thought that this wheel could be the mysterious object mentioned in the letter. Ana decided to take her to the end of the road determined to solve this enigma, she followed the path into a leafy forest where you could hear the birds singing, when at last she began to see the end of the forest she discovered that this path was following the side of a precipice and she knew she had to get to the top because she realized that the road was full of small stones of the same deep red colour as the stone it started everything.
Determined she climbed that dangerous road encountering many obstacles, there were loose stones that occasionally moved, also found a river of crystal clear water which had to jump and finally reached the top. Ana could not believe what she was seeing, it was the prettiest place she had ever seen, the grass that seemed to dance with the breeze, it was a bright green and each flower had a different colour: roses, white, blue, orange ... in the distance there was a beautiful walnut tree with thick branches, from which hung ropes and next to it fell the precipice. Ana decided to approach the tree and there she found another note in which this time there was a drawing of a T upside down and it said: “If you can guess, the endless fun you will find”. Ana stayed for a while thinking about that note, and the drawing of the T was the strangest thing of all and more if she thought about the wheel that had been carrying her for a while. While she was thinking of all Ana was walking around the tree trying to dodge some ropes that hung from it strongest branch until she came up with the idea of what could be so she decided to get away from the tree and noticed the ropes, It was clear! The T was a swing so she ran out and tied the wheel with the ropes and made a very cool swing under that walnut and that afternoon Ana had a lot of fun so she decided to always come back and that was her favourite place.
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