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An unusual friend

el Miér Nov 21, 2018 9:25 pm
The main character of this story is not a wizard or a mermaid, although is someone who often appears on this type of tales. In this case, our protagonist is called Ashes, but in some places he is known as “a scary dragon”

Ashes is not scary, but he knows that part of being a dragon is that human sees you as a threat. His own family tells him all the time:

“Humans are dangerous. You must be careful, they only want to conquer whatever they found, if they did not like it, they will destroy. If you ever face one, you must put a scary face and make the human run! This way we can continue to live peacefully.”

Ashes understand why the say that, but deep down he feels that it is not completely true. His dream is to live in a world where dragons can fly freely without feeling insecure so they can explore the human world. What he didn’t know is that his life is going to change completely.

One day, Ashes’s parents went to visit a family members and they left him alone in the mountain where they lived It was a beautiful day outside and Ashes decided to go for a walk on the field outside, suddenly he sees a distant female figure running, she was wearing a
crown and a dress, it was the princess!

Ashes had never seen a human so close before and he felt a huge curiosity, so he climbed to the top of the tree to hide himself and gain a better view. The princess who was very tired sat under the same tree. Ashes was trying to get a closer look by streching his neck, but the branches broke and he fell to the ground!

Both were shocked. If his parent were right, the human would start screaming and asking for help, then they would capture him! But she didn’t seem dangerous, instead, she was fascinated. She started speaking to him:

“You are a real dragon! I had never seen one so close. I’m Lily, what’s your name?” she asked nicely.

“I had never seen a human too! My name is Ashes. You seem worried, can I ask you what’s the matter?” asked Ashes.

“Today is a what day for me. It’s time for me to get married and once I do it I will inherit the kingdom, but I think I’m not ready yet, I want to see the world and live new experiences!” the princess answered.

“I get it, my parents are strict to. I wish to visit other places and make new friends, I think we can help each other! Whenever an annoying prince comes to our castle to ask for your hand you can call me and I will come to help and scared him, I’m sure my parents would like that”

“Oh that is an amazing idea, also we could visit near kingdoms, at night we can meet and we can fly to them. I will explain you all about the human world!”

And so they did it during a long time. But one day, the princess did not need the help of Ashes, she fell in love with a good prince! When the wedding day came all Ashes family was invited and during the celebration the princess, now queen, announced a new law: dragons were from now not considered dangerous and they were protected.

Since that day dragons lived in harmony and they were free to fly all over the world, that is why many cultures talk about this mythological creature.

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