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In the darkness of the night

el Jue Nov 22, 2018 11:40 pm
It was a cold autumn evening, when Adele´s parents were preparing to go out to a business dinner. Erika and Brian Brown awaited the arrival of Sophie, the girl who took care of Adele every time they had to leave home.
Erika put on her coat, while Mr. Brian looked impatiently at the clock, watching the dinner hour approaching. At that very moment, the telephone rings. It was Sophie, warning that she could not go to Mr. and Mrs. Brown´s house, because she was sick.
Erika is worried and suggests his husband she would prefer to stay at home to take care of Adele. At that time, Adele, who came out of the shower, hears her mother saying that she would not go to the restaurant to have dinner.
Adele felt disappointed and sad because her mother wouldn´t go to the restaurant and she begged her mother to join her father to have dinner together, as she considered herself old enough to stay at home alone. She was only ten years old. Too young according to her mother, but Adele did´t think the same. Also, she would´t be alone, because she would have her little dog Valentine with her, a beautiful black French Bulldog.
Why should her mother stay at home?. No need for that.
Erika looked at her daughter surprisingly and she wondered wether to go or not to the restaurant.
Adele smiled and said: "Please, Mommy, go, go, go...".
Finally, Erika decides to go with her husband and she gives her little daughter the telephone number of the restaurant in case of emergency. But Adele is very stubborn, she doesn´t listen and she forgets where she wrote down the number phone. She is sure nothing is going to happen. But she is totally wrong!!!

(To be continue)
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