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el Sáb Nov 24, 2018 5:54 pm
Once upon a time, a special place where lived all magical things of the world. From horrible ogres to pointy-eared elves. Of course, the fairies also lived in that place, where peace and harmony reigned.

Among the fairies, there was a very small and white-haired which, unlike her sisters, she couldn’t fly, because she had been born without wings. Lilly, what was the name of the little girl, had grown very sad due to she saw how every fairies flew through sky and enjoyed while flying among the branches of the trees.
However, she could only walk, little by little she became great friends who do not live in the heights, like frogs and rabbits, and they taught her all the secret hiding places and passages of that magical land.

One day, while a beautiful morning was going on, full of tranquility, the humans burst in from nothing with swords and hatred, and sowed chaos among all the magical inhabitants of the place. The desperate fairies ran to save their lives, but the taller men managed to capture them and lock them in their cages.
At that moment, little Lilly ran to meet her sisters and indicated the entrance to a secret tunnel where they could escape from humans. However, the tunnel was so small, that the fairies could not enter with their huge wings. Some refused outright, but most broke their wings and escaped with Lilly to safety.
When they were safe, Lilly invented a plan with her new friends to save the fairies that had been trapped by humans. This was to distract them to open the cages and free the fairies. When they got it, they all thanked Lilly for a big party. As a sign of gratitude they gave her a magical wings that he could wear to fly and enjoy with the other fairies.
They never despised her again.
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