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You're running out of time kid, and you don't realize it

el Dom Nov 25, 2018 9:13 pm
There was once in a very far place, a small city in which all citizens were addicted to technology. When a baby was born, he learned to use an electronic device before know how to talk to his family, and nobody thought it was strange because everyone did it. And just this happened to Tim, a 15-year-old boy who grew up surrounded by electronic devices handling them like an expert; however, his familiars, especially their grandparents, did not have the remotest idea of how to use most of these tools.

- Maybe it's a different way of living life - thought Tim's grandfather.

And he was right, the generation that Tim belonged to preferred to send an emoticon of a heart or a kiss through social networks than show his love physically to another person; they preferred to spend hours with their mobile than spend time playing with their best friend; they preferred to play a video game than go for a walk with their grandfather.

Perhaps it is the daily routines of everyday life that make us stay together with our loved ones, but with the use of mobile phones, tablets and others, the time that Tim spent with his family was increasingly reduced.

One sunny day, Tim was going to buy a new video game at a store in the city centre. So Tim had to take a bus and follow the directions of the GPS application on his mobile phone to get to his destination. At the time that Tim was going to take the bus, a girl accidentally collided with him, and Tim's cell phone ended up on the floor, breaking his screen into a thousand pieces.

The girl, very hurried, asked her forgiveness and told her that they would find the solution to fix it. But Tim, blinded by his anger told the girl that he did not want to see her anymore, that he had broken the thing which he most appreciated him. Tim could not, or rather, did not want to live without his cell phone.

When Tim arrived home he saw his grandfather and told him everything that had happened that morning. His grandfather was shocked at the words that came out of his grandson's mouth, imagining how he had treated that girl. At that time, he asked Tim a question.

- Do you know how we met your grandmother and me? - said Tim’s grandfather.

Obviously, Tim did not know, he had never talked about it with his grandparents, and now that he was thinking about it, he had not talked about anything important with them. At that moment he felt he did not really know anything about their lives, he did not know the places that his grandfather had known, or the hobbies his grandmother had when he was his age and not even the date they met.

I never would have met your grandmother if the GPS had existed. - Grandpa said smiling.

Tim, an action as simple as asking a direction made me talk to your grandmother for the first time and we ended up falling in love. If I had had a mobile phone, maybe I would have gone to an application and I would never have discovered a wonderful person like your grandmother. - Grandpa told.

The words of his grandfather were remembered in Tim's subconscious, it made him reflect in such a way that he changed the way he interacted with his friends and with the people who interacted with him on the street, but sadly he did not change the relationship he had with his grandparents. And maybe this was due to the generational change, sometimes it is difficult to overcome the gap that remains between our grandparents and us.

Suddenly one day, Tim was having dinner with his friends in a restaurant in his city when he saw a scene that turned his heart. On the table opposite there was an eight-year-old child with his grandfather eating. What surprised him was that the little boy was eating at the same time that he was playing with his mobile phone, without even looking at his grandfather.

You're running out of time kid, and you do not realize it- resonated in Tim's head.
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