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Faces on the mirror

el Mar Dic 04, 2018 5:27 pm
Jane remained in her bedroom, staring at the mirror, shocked by the image reflected. Minutes before she had tried looking away and looking to the mirror again a couple times to make sure it wasn’t just a momentary illusion. She even checked that what she was seeing wasn’t painted in the mirror instead of reflected on it. But now she was sure, all those people who were not in the room with her, and who she hadn’t even met before, somehow were reflected in every mirror she looked at. After staring at the mirror for a long time, observing every little detail of those faces; she expected them to fade away as if their only purpose was to be remembered, but they didn’t, they simply stayed there. Without knowing how to act, Jane ended up deciding to keep doing her normal life, those faces were not changing anything anyways. After a few days, she had already internalized that new circumstance as a normal part of her daily life. She never thought about the weird faces ever again, even though they stayed there with her forever.
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