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el Miér Dic 05, 2018 6:18 pm
My family and me have moved to a new house and there, I saw a box with somenthing, which seemed familiar to me.
It was a summer day and we took advantage of this to move to our new house. It was an idea that we had been thinkin all the year, and we were waiting for them to lower the price of the house, which was the house of our dreams, to can buy it.
When we arrived at the house, my family and me started to unpack all our personal things to put them in our new house. I wento to my room which was going to be mine. It was in the top floor, at the end of the stairs, and there I found an old and a little box. It seemed a five years old child’s shoesbox. I was excited to open it to find what was inside it.
I got ready to open the shoesbox and inside it, I founded a small doll. The fisrt thing I thounght when I saw it, was that it seemed familiar to mee, but I didn’t know why. The doll was made of cloth, it had got curly and golden hair. It wore a yellow and green striped dress and it wore a single red shoe. At that moment I asked, where would be the other shoe of the doll, and it didn’t take me a second to go looking for it throughout the house.
First of all, I started by asking my parents, to know if any of them had left the box in my room. When I got the same answer from all my family members,that was not, I decided to look for the otre shoe of the doll in the rest of the house.
First of all I looked under the bed of my room, in case the other shoe had fallen. There wasn’t. It was not on the floor either, in the closet or under the table. Then I went to look for the rest of the house. I looked in the living room, in the fireplace, on the floor, on the sofa, behind the cushions. I could not find it. Then I looked in the kitchen, in all the furniture, even in the microwave I was desperate to find the shoe to see if it gave me any clue to know why it was so familiar to me. I kept looking for the storage room, among the boxes that my mother had already placed, but I still didn’t find anything. Finally I went to the garden and I looked through the grass and suddenly I saw a flying wasp, I was scared and I fell down. I hit my head with a flower pot and when I got up from the floor I saw the doll’s shoe behind the flower pot wich I had been hit with. I couldn’t believe it.
I took the shoe and went to my room running to put it on the doll. At the moment I was putting the shoe I saw that it had embroidered on the sole the name of Irene Ruiz and suddenly I was in shock, my body shuddered.
Now I remembered everything and I already knew why the doll was familiar to me. It was the doll that my little sister, who was dead, always carried with her. I didn’t know what to do, not what to say. I was just afraid to think how the doll of my sister who had been dead  for 6 years was there.
I ran to the place where my parents were and I told him everything and nobody believed me, I just cried and cried. I went back to my room and the doll was not where I had left it.
She had moved alone to the bed and when I moved closer to pick her up and put her back in the shoes box, she spoke to me. At that moment I wanted to scream, but at the same time I had to know what it was saying to me.
I only heard that the doll told me you will be the next. I picked up the doll, put it in the shoesbox and I threw it in the trash. I have not seen the doll in my life.
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