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The mystery of the teacher Mr. Phillip.

el Lun Dic 10, 2018 4:11 pm
Tomorrow is my first day of class in the Miguel Delibes, this secondary school is totally new for me, it has nothing to do with the town, there everything was different, we all knew each other, we were like a small big family. Here in Madrid everything seemed to be very different.

When I left home that cold January morning, it was clear that the Christmas holidays were over, there was no trace of the ornaments or lights that filled the streets this time ago. From now on my road to the high school would be shared with my father, so it was known that I was going to be late many days, and so I started my first day, my father had forgotten a folder and we had to go home, to this was joined by the large number of cars that were circulating that morning in Madrid, so I arrived 15 minutes late.

When I got out of the car, my father told me:
-Good luck Sarah, then I'll pick you up, make it great on your first day and be yourself.
I was stunned by the huge building in front of me, this was my new school, from my point of view it seemed too distant and cold. Upon crossing the door a lady approached me, whose face showed no great friendliness, she had short hair and a large wart on her nose. Suddenly he turned to me and shouted:

- Hey young, do not you know the schedule?
- Excuse me, it's my first day, I answered.
- Go how much you have left to learn ... - he said in a serious voice.

When I finally found my class, the teacher invited me to come in and without showing much interest, he asked me to introduce myself to the other classmates and to sit in a free place at the end of the class. At this moment I realized that Mr Phillip's face was very familiar to me.

The morning passed quietly, some colleagues came to meet me and show me the parts of the school. I was shocked, every place they showed me was more surprising, but I could not stop thinking about the face of the teacher Mr. Phillip.

When I got home, I headed straight for my room. I picked up my computer and started looking for information about the institute, where I could discover the full name of that teacher. According to the information I could find, he had studied philosophy and letters at the University and had only one course working on the Miguel Delibes. Why was his face so suspicious and close?

During the week I began to remember that the first day I arrived, the teacher commented that he was born in Madrid, but this information did not match the one on the web. Coincidentally, the Thursday before the exit I ran into Mr. Phillip in the hall, he dropped the books he was carrying and forgot to pick up a postcard in which he said: "We are not going to hide you more time, come back and pay for what you did. " I turned around and discovered something that left me shocked: an image of the village forest! That was my town! At that moment I realized why his face sounded so much to me, but why did he hide his origins?

I needed to keep gathering information about him. I spent several days thinking about the place of the postcard, that beautiful forest in which I had always played and spent the entire afternoons with my friends. For what it occurred to me to consult my parents at lunchtime, without giving much importance to the subject.

-Mum, do you remember the forest next to our town house? I asked for.
-Yes, what good times we have spent there. My mother answered with a big smile.
-And do you remember those who lived in the wooden house by the lake? I asked for.[/justify]
-Well, a poor family whose son did great harm to the people, Sarah.
-What did mom do? You never told me that story. I asked for.
-Something very serious daughter, the police are looking for him for years. Mother answered.

At this moment a thousand things went through my head.

I went up to my room to search the internet about the most serious issues of the town, that's when I found the news about a murder, which occurred specifically 4 years ago, and where the escape of the murderer is specified, which is missing. I did not know what to do, but it was him!! Everything coincided. Many were the days thinking whether to tell someone, go to the police or what to do. But I decided to continue observing it more time to draw my own conclusions.

I had always been passionate about books and movies about detectives but I could never have thought of having a case like this.

Mr. Phillip was a very strange person. Despite this, all my classmates were delighted with him and his classes. Of course at first glance he looked like another teacher who cares about his students, but I knew his past, I knew who he really was.

Between fear and nervousness, after many days thinking about what to do, I decided to tell the police everything I had discovered about the professor. It took me a lot of time to take this step, but I thought it would be the best, talking directly to them without involving anyone else. I told my parents that I was going to a friend's house but in fact I spent the whole afternoon at the police station, narrating the facts and providing my own evidence. I was attended by a man of about 40 years, who did not take me very seriously at first. He immediately called other colleagues, who upon seeing the old and current photos and knowing the first data recognized the murderer, despite all the physical changes that had been made, so as not to be recognized. They asked me a lot of questions, more than I could imagine, they were amazed, surprised and at the same time fascinated with all the events and above all with me, and this last I know because I heard the inspector say:

I never thought that this case would end like this. It's like a film.

And everyone gave him the reason, admiring my courage and ability, according to them, despite having "only" 16 years. They told me to go home to rest, not to tell anyone, under any circumstances and that they would work all night until tomorrow to arrest the teacher and that everything went right. It was a really strange night, I felt very bad for not telling my parents anything. I did not sleep so much.

The next morning everything went normally, Mr. Phillip came to the first class as always with a lot of desire to work, what he did not know is that his end in school had arrived and that he was about to pay for everything he had done . I was very nervous. Suddenly in the middle of the class, the door opened and the director appeared, his face pale and almost crying. He asked Mr. Phillip to leave class, the director showed fear and sadness. Through the window I could see two policemen waiting. While the director repeated - “But what have you done Phillip?” the professor saw the police in the distance and suddenly began to run trying to flee, without success.

He was finally arrested and taken to the police station. The other teachers tried to act normally the rest of the day, but everyone talked about the same thing. The head of the media was: "A student of the high school investigates and discovers that his teacher is a dangerous criminal who had fled the law hiding in Madrid and posing as someone else."

That student was me, but I never told anyone, I preferred to keep a secret and that doubt would continue to exist forever. I felt like I had never felt before, for contributing to society the way I did, for guiding me by my instincts from the beginning, for trusting me and for the police to do it, for saving my colleagues and teacher of the possible dangers of this murderer...[/justify]
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