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The other side of the skin

el Dom Dic 23, 2018 7:09 pm
- Yeah, sure. Lies and more lies!
- I told you I went with Martha, believe me.
- You used to tell me everything, you don't love me anymore.  I hate being lied to.
- You know that I love you and I tell you the truth.
- Stop it! You won't laugh at me stupi...
Open your eyes and everything disappears. It is nothing more than an inestimable dream, like the ones that usually appear on atypical nights. But today was no ordinary day, today was a year ago of that day in which something changed and nothing was as before. That morning, Emma got up as usual to go to class. She quickly dressed in the first thing she took from her closet and went down to breakfast with her mother and brother.  At home, the atmosphere between them has changed a lot since then, Emma's mother always looks at her with concern and constantly asks questions to make sure Emma is okay.
Emma was lucky after all. In fact, she was lucky, as others do not get the chance to tell the story. Just two years into their relationship, Alejandro, her ex-partner, began to take away her courage, her will and her own ideas. Emma had always been a simple person with a life that every teenager would like to have and at the age of twenty she ran into the first stone in her path.

(To be continue)
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