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Shadows in Paris

el Vie Ene 04, 2019 6:03 pm
We are located in the northern suburbs of Paris, specifically on the 5th floor of a gray building, full of graffiti, which can be seen from all over the neighborhood. At the corner we found a small floor with walls impregnated with an intense green due to the mold and the occasional chipping that had appeared due to the humidity of the place; still smelling the smoke from the fire a few days before had occurred due to forgetfulness of a stove burning in a nearby apartment. It is 4 in the morning and the only light that can be seen in this area is that of three lampposts that have survived the street pranks of the teenagers in the neighborhood. The only sound that is heard is that of a motor vehicle that has been around the street for a while.
Valentina is already lying on her bed thinking if the person who was listening in the vehicle really wanted to have gotten there, who will be lost at this time in this neighborhood? She knew clearly that who was the person who wandered there was not from the neighborhood. It was clear, if you're from the neighborhood you know the rules: 1. go as unnoticed as possible, 2. If you get caught hide and do not make noise.
She had never had any problems in that neighborhood, more than the odd fight for the debts she had lately left scattered, and is that in recent years was witnessing the decline of the sale of their books.
Valentina has been writing all her life, thanks to this she could live in a slightly acceptable place and stay, although she would never enjoy any luxury. It was the price he had decided to pay to dedicate himself to what really filled him as it was to write. But this had never been a problem for her, she lived alone and administered what little she had for her affairs.
At last it seemed that the vehicle was gone, and nothing was heard. His favorite moment of the day had arrived, silence. But that silence did not last more than two minutes when the doorbell rang.
Valentina was not expecting anyone, neither at that time nor ever, so she started getting nervous.

         - Qui est-ce ? - she asked.

Seeing that nobody answered she decided not to open, but there was something that impelled her to do it so she finally opened the door. Just opened it felt the presence of a great person, she raised his hands to touch it, she started by the hair, it was short and very soft, it did not seem very young since it had well-pronounced entries, a forehead not very large and almond-shaped eyes When she touched his nose there was no doubt ...

         - Alberto? - Asked with some fear.
         - Hi mom, "the man replied, pulling his hands from his face and pressing them against him.

It was inevitable that Valentina would immediately release an expression of sadness, longing and fear.

         - Son, what are you doing here? Is something wrong?
         - Yes, something happens- answers Alberto a little doubtful- can I enter?
         - Sure, son! Settle down

Alberto since he was a child has always been a very lonely person, as his mother, he loved silence and therefore few words came out of his mouth when contributing something in a conversation. He was currently residing in Potes, a municipality in Cantabria where he spent the first years of his life before Valentina suddenly decided to move to Paris without having anything under his arm and raise his son.
For Valentina, writing had never been an effort, since she was very young she had learned Braille and since she bought her first computer at the height of her life as a writer, everything had been easier. Like all opportunities, the option of being a writer also has a life in which we can differentiate 3 parts: the beginning, the height and the great decline. Valentina had taken her beginning and her rise very well in pots, but at the beginning of her decline she decided to move to Paris and thus leave behind all her past and start from 0.

         - A few days ago a letter arrived home - Alberto said a little surprised - is of the police, they have opened the investigation of the case of a murder that occurred 39 years                    
          ago. Mom, I do not understand anything! Here it says that it happened in our house.

It was impossible, could not be, or could take more. No longer. Valentina to hear those words come out of her son's mouth ... felt the world was coming, that there was nothing else. That darkness that I had hidden until that moment was going to be illuminated by force. She had never felt so naked and so unprotected before anyone. It was the moment and I was going to do it, I was going to reveal the truth.
Alberto has never found memories of his childhood, and that is that his head has always played a trick on that issue. the first memories he has are already finishing the last years of primary school, and although it has always been an unknown to him, he has never given it more importance.
There she was, facing each other, Valentina felt the steady gaze of her son and she felt as she slowly stepped through him, it seemed as if he could read her mind, but no, she had to leave her mouth, it had to be with her words. And yes, crying as she had not cried for years, Valentina decided to tell the darkest and strongest story of her life.

         - You had a sister, it was the most beautiful flower I had ever had on my hands, the whimsical genes decided that you were the eyes of the two, since we could never          
          see each other's faces. But I felt it, I had the face of an angel, and the most beautiful smile I had ever felt, I always wanted a girl. You were only 3 years old when she
          was born - Valentina's breathing was more and more choppy and the crying prevented her from carrying a normal speaking rhythm - we went to the park 3, you never
          needed a father because although I could not see, I always knew which way Take to try to make you happy. But it was not the same thing that my interior thought, two
          children, I alone, a job that did not reach even half of month, thousands of problems, and only one solution: drinking. It was not for a very long period, it would not have
          even become a real problem if nothing had happened, I only evaded in the moments that most needed it but I completely lost consciousness of my actions.
         With the pupils more dilated than ever, and waiting for the story to take a turn, Alberto poured out one after another all the tears he had always contained.
       - I did not realize, I swear. I never wanted to hurt him. I really do not know how it happened or at what time, I was not fully conscious and she did not stop crying. I just
         wanted her to be quiet for a moment, I needed tranquility and I could not find her anywhere ... - Valentina was silent for a moment, she could not keep talking, the
         inspirations were so continuous that she could not say a word between them.

Alberto without giving credit to what he was listening, did not hesitate to pick up the phone and dial. Meanwhile, Valentina was trying to regain control of her body and her emotions.
When the adrenaline and despair came down, he could raise his eyes to look his son in the eye, for that moment he already knew it, he would never be the same again.
While listening to the sirens and feeling the disappointed look of his son, the only person in the world they still loved had done well, had that feeling. He would do anything for his son, and never, whatever happened, would give him away.

         -Don't ask me questions, Mr. Commissioner. I'm going to tell you the truth, without more.
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