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el Jue Ene 10, 2019 12:56 pm
It was a cold January night when Katy slept peacefully in her bed, surrounded by Tim and Jim, her favorite teddy bears, from whom she barely separated to go to school. She had not stopped playing all day and she was very tired. It was Sunday and she had gone to eat with all her family in a park. There were dad and mom, grandparents, uncles and their four cousins. The picnic was delicious, and Katy spent all afternoon playing on the swings, slides and seesaws with her cousins. It had been an incredible day for her but very exhausting.
Suddenly, between the silence of the night interrupts a terrible roar. Katy, drowsy, tries not to pay much attention and keep sleeping, but after a few seconds the same noise sounds again. The girl tries to sleep again, letting herself be carried away by fatigue, but once again the same rumble sounds again, and this time much louder. Katy inevitably accelerates her heart and opens her eyes suddenly.
She can not believe what she was seeing at that moment. The first thing that crosses her mind is that she kept dreaming, so making an effort to wake up scratches her eyes hard but when she opens them again she realizes she is still in the same place.

- Mom? Dad? Is there someone? Eoooooo
Katy suddenly stops being surrounded by Tim and Jim in her  bed. She looks around and all she finds is a landscape with some scattered trees and huge rocks, but nothing familiar to her and of course apparently without people or animals.

Where I am? Katy kept wondering. Paralyzed, amazed by the desolate landscape and beginning to get a little nervous, she screams again to try to find someone:

- EOOOOO. Is there someone?
Just a second later the same roar that she had heard earlier comes back but this time it is accompanied by a sudden breeze that comes from his back. Katy turns quickly and inevitably can not stop opening her eyes and mouth. The only thing that she can articulate at that moment is:

- A tyrannosaurus rex!
There was a huge dinosaur, 9 or 10 meters, or maybe more. Katy had always been passionate about the world of dinosaurs. She had read several books about them, she had several toy dinosaurs, she knew all their most peculiar characteristics and she was able to perfectly differentiate more than thirty types.

When at last she can react, the girl instinctively runs off in a direction contrary to the dinosaur trying to run away, but after a few seconds running she turns her head and realizes that it is chasing her. Katy, anguished, can not stop running. It's a good thing she had been enrolled in athletics for two years, she thought. But a few minutes later the tiredness began to be noticed and the legs also began to weaken her.
She needed to stop to rest a bit, breathe and drink water, buts he could not do it because she had a huge dinosaur behind her chasing it.

Shee looked up for a second and could see in the distance a small forest with several trees and bushes. The girl ran there as fast as she could to try to hide. When she arrived at this, she managed to mislead the dinosaur hidden behind some trees.
Katy was overwhelmed, she was very afraid and without meaning to, she started crying. When she thought that she had already confused the dinosaur, the ground began to tremble and she heard the same roars. They were horrible. He tried to calm down so that it would not hear her, but when she turned his face again he was at his side.

Again she had to run away. She was exhausted but she tried everything she could. In the middle of the race she began to hear barks. A dog? Here? - thought Katy. It was very strange but she kept listening to them. One moment, those barks were familiar to the girl:

- Scotex?
It was the barking of his dog, Scotex! What was it doing there? Suddenly the landscape around her completely disappeared, the dinosaur was no longer there and she was still sweating but was in her room lying on her bed with the lamp on her little table lit.

Scotex was at the side of the bed barking endlessly, and at the foot of it she realized that Dad had fallen asleep while reading a story. The snoring of this one sounded like the roars of the tyrannosaur that pursued her. Everything had been a nightmare. Little scare took Katy because of the snoring, but luckily it had all been a dream. I think that Dad had also scared Scotexy with his snores, that's why he was barking so much.

María de las Mercedes García Fernández
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