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el Dom Ene 13, 2019 7:30 am
I've been living away from home for four years, and even living more than 15,000 kilometres away. But, inevitably, every time I leave, a strange feeling of nostalgia invades me. Maybe it is because, as you know, I am very sensitive. Maybe it is that there are ineffable bonds, those that leave words speechless. That is the feeling that I have with the woman who gave birth to me. Today I have watched Mamma Mia and, consequently, today I have cried in our part, in our Slipping through my fingers. We always hold hands instinctively as we watch Meryl Streep hums that melody that I don't know if better belongs to her or to us. And we cry in silence, each one cursing her side of a coin called time. Sometimes I wish I could freeze the image.

Mom baking muffins when the day at work has been difficult, mom reminding me that I always have to be thankful. Mom giving me every second of her life, turning my grey days into happy ones with her mid-morning calls and reminding me that always, everything "it's much easier than you think, Ire, trust me". We have lived very complicated things together and she has known how to transform my biggest nightmares into fables that I look at sideways. And I look at them out of the corner of my eye because she has taught me how to build bridges of hope to cross abysses filled with fear. That is why I am writing this to you today, mommy. Because I don't know if it will be that your baby is overwhelmed and the feelings come out or maybe it is because every passing day I verify more and more that, implicitly, you carry the word fortune. But today, I stare and reflect to tell you that, although you laugh when we talk about it, you know that since I was a little girl I have known what I wanted to be when I grew up; a minimum part of what you are. Light and kindness, beauty and love.

And I adore to spend the day with you speaking in English so that you get frustrated because you don’t understand me, stealing your food while you cook and reminding you that, no matter how hard it is to admit it, Ricky Martin is gay. I love that she has never lost confidence in me and has  always been there on days I could not even carry my soul, but above all what I love the most is that the most beautiful photos like this, are made without thinking about it.
Just us, being us.
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