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The wooden box

el Dom Ene 13, 2019 8:22 pm
It was autumn, Marcos just arrived to his new home in Nuremberg, Germany. He already misses his friends in Granada. Because of his mother job, the whole family had to move to this German city, his parents, his little sister, Ana and him. His mother arrived a month earlier to leave the house ready.

Being honest, Marcos didn’t know what his mother’s job what’s about, but she had two offices, one at home and one somewhere else. So, when they get home for the first time she said, ‘whatever you do, Marcos, it is forbidden to enter in my office’. But, with those words Marcos got really curious about what was in there.

The same afternoon his mother was at work and his father went out with Ana to the supermarket in order to fill up the fridge. So the curiosity of Marcos made him enter in the office. There, it was everything normal, lots of paper, one computer, but suddenly he saw a really old wooden box with strange inscriptions on it. Next to the box, he saw a document which said: ’Ancient box, test 127, still without results’. Suddenly he heard something in the window, he got nervous and he cut himself with the letter opener that was over the table. It was just a cat outside, but know her finger was bleeding. He didn’t care about the blood, so he decided to check the box and he took it for doing it properly. Suddenly, it was like the box came alive, it moved, it started to do strange sounds, even, it shone with a strange blue light. So Marcos put it back, turned around, ran and closed the door, everything in less than half second.  He was terrified, but he opened the door and looked inside, and it appeared like if nothing had happened there.

At dinner time, the whole family was around the table. Everyone was talking, except Marcos. His father asked him if everything was fine, but he only said yes with his head. At the end of the dinner, Marcos could not keep it inside any longer and told his mother what happened. She got angry as he had never seen her before, and sent him to his room.

For 4 long days, his mother did not speak to him. But the fifth day, she called him. He was expecting a lot of shouting, but it was not like that. They sat down and she said: "What you saw, was an investigation in which the governments of five European countries are involved, we had been investigating that box for 4 years since it was found in some old ruins. Apparently, unintentionally, you have discovered how activate it. We are still investigating, but your blood was the one that made it possible. And these are the last words that you are going to hear about this event, so never ask me again. You are lucky I don’t punish you."

And it was true. Never in all his life, he knew anything more about that box, nor about the discovery he made, even the day he said goodbye to his mother in her funeral, at the age of 55, he kept asking himself what that strange box was.
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