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The Magic Book

el Lun Ene 14, 2019 1:19 pm
The Magic Book

There was a rainy summer day when the family Crain come to their new house, an old victorian house in the top of Rocky Hill. Arthur, the father, was a writer and he needed a relaxing place to began his third novel, thus, this house was the best place that the family could find.
The family has four members, Arthur, his wife Margot and two kids, Robin and Steve.
Arthur was always in his study, writing his new novel. Margot was a businesswoman and she was all day out of the house.
Robin, with twelve years old was responsible to his little brother Steve, who was 8 years old.
Robin always was playing with his new video games and Steve was always bored and alone because Robin didn’t let him play with the video games.
One day Steve was playing has if he was a pirate and he was looking for a treasure, thus, he began to investigate all rooms of the old house. When he was playing in the kitchen, he discovered a little door in the kitchen floor, under the table, he needed to investigate the dark room under the kitchen, so he went to his brother’s room and told him the things that he saw, but his brother was too busy to listen the things that Steve was telling him, because of this Steve pluck up courage, take a torch and go inside the dark room.
When he was inside, he looked around, it was an old basement full of worn outs fournitures.
At this moment Steve was very scared but something inside him needed to continue looking for something interesting, when he open an old wardrobe and inside of it he found a deteriorated wooden box, he took the box and open it, inside of the box there was a very beautiful book, but it hasn't anything wrote in the front or back cover.
Steve take the book and go outside the house, he sit in the garden, there was a sunny day, and open the book to see what hid it, in the first page there was an inscription with beautiful letters: This is a wishes book, you can read inside of it all that you can imagine, enjoy.
Steve was very excited, he start to read and since this moment he couldn’t drop the book.
He enjoy the time in his room, reading the adventures of braves horsemen, terrible pirates or foreign land in a fantastic world.
Steve try to keep the book in secret, because he was afraid that his brother or his parents could took the book and he didn’t see it never.

One day, when Steve was in her bedroom reading his book, suddenly his father came in to the bedroom and very quickly Steve hid the book under the pillow, but unfortunately his father saw it and began to make questions about what was the thing that he kept under the pillow, finally Steve showed the book to is father Arthur, when his father was taking a look to the book saw that the book was completely blank, empty, and Arthur return the book to his son and went out the bedroom.
At this moment Steve understand the magic of the book, you only can read stories in the book if you have an amazing imagination, because of that the adults can’t see anything inside.

Many years later Steve found the book in the wooden box in that he found it the first time in the basement, the same box that he hid many years ago because he didn’t want to lose the book. He opened the book looking for another interesting story, but he realized that now he could see only few letter, he couldn’t read the book never again.
Then, Steve hid the book again in his wooden box because he needed to conserve it, thus, it would be the best legacy that he could give to their children.


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