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el Mar Nov 20, 2018 8:55 pm

Once upon a time a spider named Tina, who lived in a small town where you could breathe fresh air and there was delicious leaves and plants. Her bed was a sweet, soft and quilted cobweb. One day she received the visit of her friend Susan, the city spider. Together they walked around the forest and they visited the rest of animals who lived there. At night they had dinner fresh leaves, small insects and breadcrumbs.
But the next day Susan, the spider of city, decided to move to her house of the city because she hated the boring life in the town and she prefered the elaborated food of the city. Susan invited her to come to the city before she left.

A week later, Tina travelled to the city. Susan received her with a warm welcome. Her cobweb was very spacious and she had a modern room with a built-in closet and a big kitchen where they together ate elaborated and delicious food that Tina could never cook in the town. When they were talking, a strong noise interrupted them. In the city was normal live with noise, live fast and live stressed and Tina hated that. At night while they were sleeping, they suffered an accident. Tom the little human who lived in the house where Susan had her cobweb, chased the spiders. Tina scared, she decided to return to her home. She didn't like the noise, the stress of the city and she was very tired and worried.

And that's how Tina valued her modest home, her natural food and she didn't feel envious for a house in the city. She knowed that it isn't important to have a lot of money or very elaborated food. It's important to live quite and to be happy with simples things. We have to value the things we have!

The End.
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