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The adventures of Elvi

el Miér Nov 21, 2018 10:44 pm
Chapter 1: The beginning of the end

You've probably heard of Pulgarcito but you probably do not know anything about his not so famous relative: Elvira. Elvira was a normal girl belonging to a tribe of indigenous Americans, all her life she had dreamed of galloping in the desert and defending her tribe from the constant looting of cowboys until one day ... on her eighteenth birthday to be more exact , ingested a suspicious cupcake that made it shrink, shrink and shrink until she reached 1.65 millimeters (nanometer above nanometer below). The years passed, 7 exactly, and that is the moment in which our story begins ...

First of all, so that you can imagine it, we will physically describe Elvira. Elvi is 25 years old, she has long blonde hair, light eyes and a slender figure, she usually wears Indian style clothes of her favorite color, turquoise, and a mysterious hat that we will comment about later, besides, she wears a necklace from which it hangs a small container whose content can not be revealed yet.

After so many years, Elvi has been forgotten by her own people and has only been able to survive because her small body conservs the strength she had before shrinking, which has helped her a lot to hunt armadillos ( her main source of food), during this time, she has also been able to tame ants and flies, which she uses as vehicles.

Chapter 2: A new dream

After much work, study and research, Elvi has discovered that there are more small people and even more reduced even in the quantum world... Is it possible that there is someone within that group capable to return it to its original state? It is time for Elvi to leave behind what has been his house during these years, a hollow mushroom that gave her warmth in winter and freshness in summer, which was impregnable for annoying spiders ...

Chapters 3: The first partner

Do you remember the mysterious hat previously mentioned? Surely, well, it's time to tell you more about that, or rather, about him ... After getting used to the idea that he would not return to normality , Elvi had to find a new home, buuuut, really, do you think that the mushroom in which she has lived was hollow by chance? Did you think that he was able to maintain his sanity without being able to keep a simple talk with another living being? When Elvi found what was his home, it was already habited by ... a hat, but not just any one, a talking hat called Pelillos that claimed to be the king of the quantum world and taught her everything she needed to know in order to reach his goal ... Throughout the story I will tell you more about this curious character.

Chapter 4: Starting point

Elvi has summoned his legion of flies and ants to inform them of her decession ...

-Elvi: Soldiers, winter is coming, like every year, you will make a hunting party of armadillos to supply the colony and survive the cold, unfortunately, this time I will have to leave due to a personal mission that I will have to face without you, I hope you to do a good job. Also, you must find a new sergeant, because my trusted ant, ScottieDrunk, will accompany me.

-ScottieDrunk: But Elvi, my life is here, I would not know what to do outside the colony.

-Elvi: I only trust in you, besides, you are the only ant that knows how to parkour, only you can drive me through the Grand Canyon, where Dr. Magdalena awaits me.

-ScottieDrunk: Dr. what?

-Elvi: It's getting late, I'll tell you on the way.

Chapter 5: Fire test

Elvi, ScottieDrunk and Pelillos, after days of travel without rest, are close to reach Tartarus, the gateway to the quantum world when suddenly, a mantis that appears as IreSweet cuts them off:

-IreSweet: The prophet warned me years ago of this moment ... I really wanted to meet you Elvira.

-Elvi: Who are you?

-Pelillos: Elvi, IreSweet was the wife of my brother, the legitimate heir to the throne of the quantum world, on the wedding night he ate his head and turned me into a hat, so that, I could not claim my right to the throne and proclaim himself a queen.

Iresweet was about to end the lives of our heroes when suddenly PLOF was crushed by a giant sneaker; Elvi looked up and recognized her owner at once ... it was Cris C. McGround, a schoolmate, who unknowingly saved her and her friends' lives.

Chapter 6: If I had the keeeey

Despite being at the door, Elvi does not know how to enter the quantum world and asks for advice from Pelillos.

-Pelillos (with a worried face): Elvi, the key is inside your necklace, you kept a piece of that cupcake that made you shrink, if you had taken it some time ago you would have returned to your natural size but I never told you because I needed you at this size to help me; after so many years, that piece of muffin has expired so it should be able to make you shrink again and ...

-Elvi (cutting the speech of Pelillos): And we can enter the quantum world and Dr. Magdalena will send us both back to normality , right?

-Pelillos: Exact.

-Elvi: You did well because I do not know if I would have helped you.

Chapter 7: Comeback

At their arrival in the new world, Dr. Magdalena was waiting for them:

Dr. Magdalena: I imagine that you will know who I am, you can call me George, I have prepared these special mushrooms, after taking them you will return to normality and you will never see them again.

After saying goodbye and taking the mushrooms, Elvi wake up on her bed just one day after her 18th birthday. Was it just a dream? Is she and everything around her the product of another, larger world of this multiverse created by a writer? Will it continue?
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