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el Jue Nov 22, 2018 2:17 pm
Once upon a time in a very distant kingdom a long long long time ago a beautiful young prince called Aurelio was living very happy in her big palace. But there was a problem…the palace was so big for her…he felt alone…he needed a girl with whom sharing all her palace.

He was looking for a young brave princess to marry. The prince called all women from all corners of the kingdom to appear in the square of his great palace to choose who would be the princess of the kingdom and therefore woman of the prince.

There were more than 100 women, Aurelio did not know who to choose, so he ordered a mission for all of them and the one who did the best would be crowned prince of the kingdom.

The mission entrusted was to go to a cursed far forest called “The Black Forest” one night. There, they had to get a hair of a very dangerous lycanthrope, in the depths of the black forest there were lots of them. The one who got one hair and managed to bring it, would be named the princess of the kingdom and would become the richest and most powerful woman in the whole kingdom.

The prince was very nervous, he was constantly staring at the street waiting for some woman to appear when, suddenly, he saw only one woman walking towards the enormous beautiful palace. When the woman is about to deliver the hair to the prince, she began to transform into a werewolf and killed the prince! The woman was a lycanthrope!

There were no survivors last night and more than 30 lycanthropes left the black forest for the first time in years and went to the palace looking for revenge! They were extremely furious! Could it be the beginning of the end of the beautiful kingdom?

Braulio Mudarra López
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