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A Real Lesson

el Lun Ene 07, 2019 7:03 pm
I can still remember how was my best day of school when I was just a child.
I was 12 years old, and it was the first time that i was going to the school on my own. Me and my family lived a little bit faraway from the school, so my parents usually carry me to it by car. But this day they were not able to do it so they led me to take the bus. Apparently it was not a difficult mission because the bus stop was just on the door of our house and there were also a bus stop next to the school; the problem came when I got into the wrong bus. Unfortunately this day was not a normal day, as it use to happen in Gitchum (the city where I lived) the government had decided the day before to change all the buses, but we were not informed. That´s why I just got into the bus and take a place.
Half an hour after being in the bus I discover that there were something grown because we were not close to the school. As I was a bold boy i decided to got up and asked to the bus driver about our position and how to went to the school.
(me) - Sorry man, Can you tell me if this bus stop close to the Gratef´s school?
- Oh no sorry child, I thought you had take a grown bus; we are a little faraway from it.

I thought it could not be real... what could I do now? i decided to keep talking with the driver and try to find a solution with him.

(me) -Do you now if there is any possible bus to go there from here?
-Yes sure! you just need to get down of this bus in two bus stops and then wait there till the bus number 11 arrive.
(me) -Okey thank you so much, I´ll do it.

I did it, and as soon as i get into the bus number 11 i asked to the driver if this bus went to my school or not. Fortunately it did so i just need to take half an hour there to get into my school.

When i get into class it was late, it was already started and the teacher asked me about the reasons of my delayed. But fortunately when i told her about how my morning was before getting into class she was able to understand it and she decided to let me get into the class and keep working with my mates.
As soon as i got into my house i told my parents about my adventure this morning. As it is normal they were really nervous at the beginning, but I did not felt the same that them. thanks to this mistake I learnt a real lesson, since this moment my life changed completely, now I am a more fearless person because i pay attention nearly to everything to avoid something like this happen again.
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