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el Dom Ene 13, 2019 5:58 pm
Once upon a time in a very distant kingdom a long long long time ago a beautiful mermaid named Elia lived in a kingdom in the depths of the ocean. The kingdom was called "Aquopolis". There all kinds of marine creatures lived in harmony: fish, sharks, starfish, dolphins, sea horses, sea turtles, seahorses...
Elia loved to always explore the sea with her friend Flavio, a giant octopus. One morning they met by chance.
- Elia: how are you my friend?
- Octopus: good, looking forward to exploring the immense ocean.
- Elia (excited): Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go on an adventure.
Arriving at an island in the middle of the Caribbean they saw a pair of jellyfish playing near the surface. They stopped to play with them until well into the night. After saying goodbye to the jellyfish, they started the way back home.
- Elia: see you tomorrow again Octopus?
- Octopus: ok, see you on the abandoned ship early.
The next day, Elia got up early excited to start a new adventure with her friend but he did not appear. The minutes ran and Octopus did not appear, so Elia decided to go exploring alone. After three hours sailing through the seas, he arrived at a beach of crystal clear water where he stopped for a few minutes to rest.
She was relaxed lying on the edge of the sea listening to the quiet hiss of the waves when suddenly she was wrapped in a net. He could not escape!
- Help! He cried desperately. Help!

Elia was desperate, she did not know what was happening. Trying to flee, a cut was made with a sharp rock. She hearded screams around him but she could not see anything.
- Guido: Tom! Look what I just found! You will not believe it.
Elia listens to footsteps approaching her in a hurry.
- Tom: It cannot be true! It's a woman half fish, look at the tail!
- Guido: she's a siren, I read about them but I did not know they existed.
- Tom: let's show them to the others.
- Elia: Please let me go!
- Tom and Guido: but look, if you talk and everything!
They took the siren to a house near the beach. There were 5 men in that sitting reading what appeared to be a newspaper.
- Guido: guys, look what I found!
The men were speechless and began to ask many questions:
- What is it?
- How did you find her?
Guido and Tom, after answering all their questions, said they did not know what to do with it. Tom thought they could sell it at the market, that they would pay a lot of money for it. The mermaid begged to be let go:
- Please let me go! This is not my home, he implored with glazed eyes.
But the men showed no mercy and decided that the next day they would take it to the market to sell it.
Night fell and the men decided to tie her up so she would not escape during the night while they slept. Elia cried, she could not stop thinking about her family and her friend Flavio. He was very afraid, he did not know what his fate would be.

The mermaid was in a deep sleep when she suddenly heard:
- Ehh! Awake!
The siren observed the face of one of the men of the house, he was the tallest and most attractive of all and the only one with long hair. His name was Harry.
- Elia, furious: What do you want? Have not you had enough?
- Harry: I just wanted to tell you that it does not seem fair to me what they have done to you
- Elia: why are you telling me this?
- Harry: for nothing.
The man kissed the mermaid on the cheek and freed her from her bonds. By magic, the long tail of the mermaid transformed into thin legs and the mermaid ran into the water.
- Harry: wait!
For a moment, Elia thought about getting into the water but decided to stay on the surface.
- Harry: I would like to go with you
- Elia: you cannot, we do not belong to the same world, mine is the sea, yours is the earth.
- Harry: we both belong to the same world, only with different rules and stupid conflicts. Also, you're hurt, you need me to heal you.
- Elia: you pollute and contaminate our world with your garbage and day by day you hunt those of my race. If we were from the same world, that would not happen. I do not want to connect with people on the surface.
Suddenly, the siren fainted, she had lost too much blood because of the wound.

When she opened her eyes, she was sitting on an object that was moving. She was surprised because she had never seen anything like that.
- Elia: Where am I? What is this?
- Harry: We're in my car
- Elia: A car? What is that?
- Harry: we use it to move from one place to another
- Elia: And where are we going?
- Harry: I do not know, but far away. The rest of the group is desperately looking for you, well, they're looking for us.
Elia noticed something strange about this strange man, something that made her feel safe. It was clear that the man had healed the wound, because his hands were full of blood and she had a bandage.
- Elia: why do you help me?
- Harry: I think it's just the right thing
- Elia: you're a good man, thank you
- Harry: you’re welcome, he said with a smile on his lips
The more time they spend together, the more comfortable they feel. They had connected with each other and they were beginning to fall in love.
However, they could not always be together. She did not belong to that world and her family and friends must be worried.
- Elia: I do not want to go back
- Harry: go back to where?
Harry was so happy that he did not even remember that his home was the sea.
- Elia: if I do not go, they will come looking for me
- Harry: who will return?
- Elia: my family, we are forbidden to interact with people from the surface world
Harry could not believe it.

Flavio is at home under the sea when suddenly someone knocks on the door. TOC, TOC, TOC. The octopus opens the door and suddenly sees the parents of her friend Elia with worried faces.
- Parents: Do you know where my daughter is? We have not seen her for days
- Flavio: I have no idea, I thought she was at home with you
The parents and Flavio, very distressed, decided to look for all the oceans and seas to the young mermaid but they could not find it. The octopus approached a dolphin to ask if he had seen anything.
- Flavio: Have you seen a mermaid with light hair and dark eyes? It has a blue tail
- Delfin: no, but you can ask the whale Aurelia, I think he told us something about the cries of a mermaid on a beach on a northern island.
- Flavio: Where can I find it?
- Delfin: follow me! I can take you to her.
And that's how they started the march after the dolphin. After half an hour, they arrived at a cave at the bottom of the sea full of plankton. Suddenly they saw an immense figure emerge from the bottom of the cave.
- Aurelia: What are you doing here?
- Parents: we are looking for our daughter Elia, we have not seen her for days. It's a very young mermaid.
- Aurelia: was captured by some men on an island. I doubt she's alive.
- Parents: where is that island?
The whale pointed the way to the couple.
- Parents: Flavio, go to the capital and ask King Poseidon for help, he is my friend, he will know what to do. We will go to the island in search of clues.
- Flavio: okay, I'll go right away.

The next day, Flavio was already arriving in the capital of Aquopolis. He was amazed by the beauty of the buildings, I had never been there. He knew how to find the king because his palace was the tallest building. When he reached the door a strong and tall soldier stopped him.
- Soldier: Where do you think you're going?
- Flavio: I need to talk to the king as soon as possible, it's very important. There has been a disappearance
- Soldier: Again?
- Flavio: Has there been more?
- Soldier: Every day people like you arrive, the king does not know what to do to end this, but I think it cannot end in anything good.
Finally the soldier opens the way to the octopus and he enters a room full of amazing sculptures of seahorses and newts. On a throne sat a tall man with what looked like a trident in his hand.
- Flavio (kneels): sir
- Poseidon: tell me, what happened to you?
- Flavio: my friend, Elia, has disappeared. Some men have arrested her.
- Poseidon: Damn men! Every day they take creatures from our world. It is not enough to pollute our waters and throw their garbage into the sea. ¡This has to end now! In the council we are thinking of proclaiming war on the surface world
- Flavio (scared): Waaaaaar?
- Poseidon: yes, son, war. And it will explode soon.
- Flavio: what about my friend?
- Poseidon: my men will look for it but I cannot promise you anything.

Elia and Harry were on the seashore when Elia suddenly heards a familiar voice.
- Eliaaa!!!! Eliaaa!!!!
He turned around and suddenly saw his parents running towards her. She ran towards them and they joined in a hug.
- Mother: my girl! We thought we were dead, she said with tears in her eyes
- Elia: no dad, he saved me, poiting at Harry.
Harry greeted Elia's parents with his hand.
- Father: thank you very much for saving our daughter but now we must take her away. This is not your world and you cannot be with it, our laws say. Take the time you need to say goodbye.
Harry and Elia stared without knowing what to say, they had spent some wonderful days and knew they should say goodbye sooner or later but did not imagine it would be in this way. They hugged and began to cry
- Harry: will we meet again?
Elia did not know what to answer and the family went into the sea. On the way home the mermaid noticed that she had been so long on the surface that it was difficult to move in the water, she could not stop thinking about Harry all the way.
Suddenly, they see a lot of lights approaching to them. There were at least 1,000 submarines and ships with military equipment, Elia did not know what was happening.
- Elia: Dad, what’s all this?
- Father: I imagine that the war will begin in a matter of hours, I have heard that the council has declared it.

The siren could not believe it, Harry's life was in danger. He must do something to save him as he did with her, he could not leave him to his fate. He must leave his parents again to help him.
- Elia: I must go back and tell Harry about the war
- Father: do not even think about it, I've already lost you once, I will not let you go
- Elia: I'm sorry, dad
The siren, without saying goodbye to her parents, started the way back to save Harry. On the way, she thought about what I could do to save him, she was just a simple mermaid between two confronting worlds.
Suddenly, he felt a chill, something was not right, he had to get there as soon as possible and warn him. BUMMMMMMMM! The first bombs had started to explode. BUMMMMMM! More and more bombs, his heart was going to come out, he needed to get there as soon as possible.
There was a trembling at the bottom of the sea and the water began to shake a lot. The waves were getting bigger and bigger. The power of the seas was going to reach the surface world in a matter of minutes.
A wave of at least 50 meters dragged her to the shore, in the middle of a rain of bullets and bombs she began to look for her beloved. By the time she found him, it was too late.

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